What is Lipase?

Lipase is a digestive enzyme that is found in the digestive system. The role of Lipase has been underrated but recent research has brought some light to this important protein. Enzymes are biocatalyst, which means they activate specific bio reactions in the body. As soon as we begin the process of digestion by chewing food, enzymes in our saliva initiate the process of breaking down food so that the remainder of our digestive system can work more efficiently.

Food that is chewed moves through the stomach to be churned and mixed with additional enzymes to further break down sugars, starches, and proteins. After this process, the food is combined with fluid called bile that is released by the gallbladder. Bile emulsifies fats into small droplets that can be digested by Lipase. Lipase is essential in fat metabolism because it works as a fat cutter. Without the proper cutting/break down of fats, they cause digestive issues as well as undesired weight gain. It is crucial to remember that fat is important in our diet because they support proper cell/brain function and an element that contributes to how soft our hair and skin is, with that said, we have to use fats to our advantage. When fats are not broken down, they disturb the natural flow of the gut and residual fats that are not absorbed by the intestine.

When we get older, we begin to slowly loss function in our organs. The pancreas, the source of lipase, could be one of those organs that stop functioning as efficiently as it once did when we were teenagers. With a malfunctioning pancreas, we lack the sufficient amount of lipase to breakdown those expensive dietary supplements like fish oils but most importantly, with the lack of lipase, the delicious foods we eat—especially those foods containing fat results in indigestion and weight gain that could lead to more serious diseases.
Although Lipase products were never intended for weight loss, the result of weight loss in inevitable! Reviews by loyal customers from different companies that produce these products rave about the weight loss properties that are bound to occur when your digestive system is working at its optimal level. Imagine eating without guilt, without pain, and without discomfort…we’d feel like kids again! With all the other responsibilities we have as adults, don’t let enjoying your food be one of them!



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